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This program provides an opportunity for individuals with disabilities to earn a paycheck while gaining transferrable job skills that lend themselves to the goal of community employment. Individuals are paid a wage commensurate with individual productivity, job classification, and the prevailing pay rate compared to similar work in the community.  

Examples of topics trained upon include: effective communications with supervisors and co-workers, ability to follow directions, the ability to attend to tasks, workplace problem solving skills and strategies, generally accepted community workplace conduct as well as dress, and general workplace safety and mobility training. Soft skills training includes things such as: punctuality, attitude, fine and gross motor skills, social interaction, and general workplace interactions.

For many years it was acceptable for an individual with disabilities to leave the public-school system, move to a sheltered-work environment, and remain there until the age of retirement. Now community-based employment is a goal for many people with disabilities. With this recognition, sheltered work is no longer considered a stopping point but instead is looked at as a stepping stone for individuals with disabilities to move towards achieving greater economic and social well-being. The goal of our pre-vocational program is to prepare individuals with disabilities for future community-based employment.


Also known as on-site work crews are another way that The Arc of LaGrange County partners with local businesses to meet the employment needs of those we serve, and the workforce needs of area industry.
In this model of employment, four to ten individuals work as a team at an area business. Training, supervision and support are provided by an employee of The Arc of LaGrange County however, the
crew works in an integrated setting alongside of people without disabilities.


Community Employment

Our supported employment program is funded through Vocational Rehabilitation. If you are interested in employment in the community but need a little help getting a job, this is the program for you! Continuous or periodic job skills training services are provided as often as needed. The level of supports is based on the needs of the employer and employee. Supports can be as intensive as daily or as infrequent as twice a month. Supported Employment is a partnership between the Job Coach/Employment Specialist and you!

We strive to understand your goals, talents, strengths, weaknesses, and preferences, then work toward a good employment match for you. Services often include job shadowing, assessment, work experience, interview readiness training, resume building, job development and coaching. We believe that the best job for you should match your interest, skills, and abilities! We want to assist you in landing the right job and see you join our community’s workforce. Once you land the right job, your employment specialist will help you through the new hire orientation and any training you need to learn your new job responsibilities and help to ensure your success. In time, your employment specialist then begins to “fade” as you develop natural supports among your new supervisor and co-workers. Of course, we will continue to check in as needed to ensure that you are doing well, and everyone is happy. 

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