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What does membership involve?


You’re letting everyone know you are a supporter of The Arc! By signing up to be a member of The Arc you are showing your support for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families here in LaGrange County.

To stay informed, you may receive free informational mailings, including: “The Arc Today” from The Arc of the United States, “Arc News in Indiana” from The Arc of Indiana, and “The Searcher” our local newsletter. 


How does membership help?


• It allows you to be more aware of the challenges being faced and
  the triumphs being accomplished by people with intellectual and
  developmental disabilities.

• It increases our local membership, which gives us a greater voice
  when appealing to legislators. Together, we can encourage them to
  pass legislation that benefits the individuals we serve. 


• The cost for your membership is tax deductible, and all membership
  fees are used to directly fund The Arc of LaGrange County.


Become a member today! You can either download and fill out our Membership Form via paper or scan/click on the QR code and fill it out online!

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