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Group Homes or Supervised Group Living 

A residential option and alternative to waiver placements for eligible individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities needing services. The homes provide a safe environment for up to six resident in a group living situation. The Arc of LaGrange County owns and operates two group homes. In our homes, the residents are working on building independent living skills with around-the-clock support from caring, dedicated staff. For many, moving into a group home is a chance to spread their wings and establish a life of their own, independent from mom and dad - just like their brothers and sisters! 

Each resident has an annualized Active Treatment Plan, which is developed with input from the resident, guardians, family members, and staff from a variety of disciplines who provide services. The Active Treatment Plan includes the participant’s goals, likes, interests, abilities, and supports needed.  

Both of our group homes are licensed and governed by state and federal regulation and have an annual recertification by the Indiana State Department of Health through an Intermediate Care Facility for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (ICF-IID) survey process. This survey addresses the care of the residents in the home. Additionally, we are inspected annually by the Life Sanitarian to ensure the residents’ safety needs are met. Our homes are approved by the Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services.

Eligibility for Group Home services is determined by the Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services (BDDS). An individual and/or their family must contact BDDS at 260-423-2571 to determine eligibility.  

Supported Living

A residential service that’s available for qualified individuals under the Indiana Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Community Integration and Habilitation (CIH) Waiver.  

More than simply a place to live, our home is a reflection of who we are and how we choose to live our lives.  The Arc of LaGrange County Supported Living service helps individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities create a home that meets their needs and fosters their dreams of living as independently as possible. Through Supported Living, individuals live in apartments or homes of their choosing, rather than a group home.  

The Arc of LaGrange County will provide supports to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities who live in supported living sites such as in their family homes, their own homes and/or apartments or with roommates. The preferences and routines of individuals served are supported through the program. Individuals may choose to live alone or with up to three housemates. Staff provide support in areas ranging from personal care, meal planning, grocery shopping, cleaning, community integration, financial management, transportation and coordination of medical care. Each person’s care is tailored to their needs, whether it’s a couple of hours of service a week or 24/7 staff support. Supported Living Services provide individuals with opportunities to develop skills in activities of daily living and to fully engage in their community. 

We offer a representative payee program for individuals who need help managing their benefits and/or day-to-day finances. 

In order to obtain Medicaid Waiver funding, an individual must contact the Bureau of Developmental Disability Services at 260-423-2571 to determine their eligibility. There currently is a waiting list for new Medicaid Waiver funding services through the Bureau of Developmental Disability Services. 

Participant Assistance and Care (PAC) 

This service allows individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to remain and live successfully in their own homes, function and participate in their communities, and avoid institutionalization. PAC service offers support for daily living activities, self-care and mobility. That means you can get hands-on assistance, prompting, reminders, supervision and monitoring—whatever you need to ensure your health, safety and welfare. Our goal is the same as yours: for you to live a more fulfilling life.  

Living as independently as possible is a goal we all share. While you may not need Supported Living residential supports, Participant Assistance and Care can make a huge difference in those areas of your life that may require a little support. Not everyone needs assistance all the time and having someone to count on for those “as needed” type of situations can be crucial. Let us assist you in finding the services that are right for you and your family.

Respite Care

Individuals providing full-time support to children and adults with disabilities occasionally need a respite, or time away, to attend to other matters. Whether time is needed to run errands, take a vacation or attend appointments, The Arc of LaGrange County Respite Services provides trained staff on a short-term basis to support individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities while the primary caregiver is unavailable. Respite Services are typically provided in the Geraldine C. Prisock Respite Home, located at 0235 W. 300 N. Howe, IN, but may also take place in community settings such as the individual’s home. 


Respite Services are often a key component for ensuring the wellness of the family unit remains strong.  Families of individuals with disabilities frequently bear an extreme amount of pressure and stress as they navigate life with their loved one. As family caregivers age and caring for a loved one with disabilities becomes more difficult, this service can provide relief. Having time apart from one another can strengthen relationships and stabilize the family. After all, everyone can benefit from an opportunity to recharge and take care of themselves! Let us offer you that form of support with Respite Care!

The preferences and routines of individuals served are supported through the program. So that the needs of the individual served are met appropriately, the individual and family are an integral part of the training of staff who are to be working with the individual. 

Respite services are available for individuals of all ages.The service hours can be up to 24 hours, 7 days a week; however, there is a required minimum period of at least 4 hours and a maximum of two weeks, unless special arrangements are made ahead of time.  We do request two weeks’ notice, when possible, to allow for adequate staffing coverage. But we know that life doesn’t always allow for this, so we will work with you in emergency situations. 

Wellness Coordination

This service includes the oversight and development of a Wellness Coordination plan, coordination and training of staff on client’s health care needs, consultation with Physicians, Specialists, and other medical personnel, face-to-face consultation with the clients, including quarterly and annual physical assessments, consultation with support team members and active involvement in team meetings.  

Our nursing department maintains Wellness and Health Care Coordination for individuals in our various Residential Services, including both group homes and Medicaid Waiver programs. The nurses coordinate all Wellness and health care needs of the residents. This service includes oversight of services beyond routine doctor/health care visits. The assistance of a RN or LPN is needed to properly coordinate the individuals’ medical needs. 

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